About Meadow

Classic + Preppy + Modern Style and a Little Bit Maximalist


I am a mom 3, a Jane of all trades, and I love fashion, décor, and shopping! I adore beautiful clothes and jewelry. And shoes. And handbags… and I love making my house a home filled with treasured finds.
My style has evolved over the years, but at its core, it remains classic and preppy with a twist of maximalism and the unexpected. I believe in keeping things fun, fresh, and pleasantly unpredictable.
Sometimes, our personal style feels elusive or ever-changing. And that’s ok!
Haven’t nailed down your style yet? Looking for inspiration or a great deal? You’ve found a friend in me! I love sharing my discoveries with you, meticulously curating pieces to inspire you to develop and embrace your unique style.
Follow me on Instagram and visit my website for daily inspiration, exclusive finds, and a journey towards discovering your true style. Let’s create a stylish life together!
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