Meadow Lane’s Spirit Animal

Feb 19, 2024 | Fashion

The sheep is Meadow Lane Style’s spirit animal. Sheep are the gentlest and most innocent of animals (well, maybe not every breed) and they bring about a sense of peace when I’m around them. One of these days I’ll have my own sheep but in the meantime we’ll have to settle for sheep clothing.

Today is inspired by Diana, Princess of Wales, and her iconic black sheep seater which recently sold for $1.14 million at auction in September of 2023. Now it’s again offered by the original makers, Warm & Wonderful and Rowing Blazers, and is available in additional colors, styles, and accessories.

… black turtleneck sweater … red and black sheep fleece jacket … plaid bucket hat … back denim … black leather lug sole heeled booties … black leather belt with gold snaffle buckle … black mini bucket bag with red lining … pearl earrings with black and gold detail …


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Read about Princess Diana’s fashion statement at People Magazine and about the $1.14 million sale at Sotheby’s


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