Rabbit Rabbit! Bring Good Luck to Your Home All Month!

Mar 1, 2024 | House & Home

“Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit”

We say it twice on the first of each month for good luck. With March 1st hitting on a leap year, we get extra good luck by repeating it three times. While the origins of this tradition are uncertain, I love to think that Lewis Carroll and Alice in Wonderland had something to do with it.

Rabbits have long been a symbol of good luck and prosperity in many cultures, and that is what I wish for you in 2024. And there’s something magical about the celebration of Easter landing on the last day of March this year.

Today is a curation of beautiful bunnies that can grace your home throughout the year, not just on Easter.

… Staffordshire rabbit pair … blue toile bunny dinnerware … set of 3 golden bunnies … plush bunny with flower … stunning rabbit bookends … Peter Rabbit book gift set … bunny with cabbage vase and faux tulips … wicker bunny clutch … whimsical gentleman rabbit artwork …


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