Spring Break Travel Essentials

Mar 3, 2024 | Lifestyle

The month of March is always so exciting with the anticipation of spring, Easter, and of course, Spring Break!

Today I’m getting my travel essentials together, especially when it comes to the plane ride. Our first trip will be a quick one for 5 days and I love to fit everything into a carryon bag.

… the best excellent quality soft-sided spinner carryon … compact jewelry case with monogram … pretty floral makeup bag … the best packing cubes … airplane-safe toiletry bottles and case … beautiful and versatile towel-blanket … the best stainless water bottle … good read for the plane, pool, and beach … quintessential preppy tote bag …


      • This 21″ Carry On Bag is such a great pick. It is lightweight, durable,  expandable, and the spinner wheels are perfect. Also comes in the smaller international carryon size for when you travel overseas, as well as larger check-in sizes.
      • This Travel Jewelry Case with Monogram is so cute and will keep your jewelry safe and easily accessible on your trip.
      • Prettiest Blue Floral Makeup Bag
      • These Packing Cubes come is a set of 6 bags and are plenty to help pack your clothing in your suitcase. They are also really helpful when traveling with your children – I get different colors for each family member and it helps keep everything organized and travel lighter!
      • This Travel Bottle Set with Case is TSA approved so you can put all your toiletries in your carryon bag.
      • The quintessential preppy tote bag is the L.L. Bean Boat Tote. This one has a zip-top but the original would also work. You can get this monogrammed and the turnaround is quick! The quality is unsurpassed. The medium is the perfect tote size for travel and can double as a pool/beach bag. I’ll pop things I might need during the flight in this tote like snacks, my handbag, and:
      • Hyrdration on a flight is key! The Hydro Flask Stainless Steel Water Bottles are still my go-to after all these years and I will never sway!
      • I love Turkish Towels and these ones from Amazon are such great quality and super cheap! They come in a myriad of colors and they work great as a blanket on the plane, a wrap when you’re chilly during the evenings at your destination, and of course as a towel for the pool or beach.
      • Have to have music and noise cancelling with comfort? These Apple AirPods Max Wireless Headphones fit the bill and are beautiful at the same time.
      • On my reading list for the trip is Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know by Adam Grant.

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